AKILA WORKSONGS, Inc. is a leading arts+activism company
that offers management, public relations (including marketing and
writing services), and consulting services (event planning, special
project management, and cultural programming). Social Entrepreneur,
activist, and writer,
April R. Silver, founded the company in April
1993. Since then, it is emerging as one of the country's leading
Black-owned, woman-owned companies of its kind.
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independent production company out of Brooklyn,
NY producing short films, full features, music videos
and documentaries. Organized in 2006, covering all
aspects of video from videography to video editing.
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ANGELINA SCANTLEBURY Is a native NY'er whom bean
her fashion career by altering her own clothes in her living room
when just a child. Graduated with a BA in Fashion Design at
The Art Institute of CA-Hollywood. She now works as a NY
based and traveling freelance Wardrobe/Fashion Stylist,
Costume Designer and Fashion Designer for films, tv, web
series, editorials, theatre and videos.  To view her full portfolio,
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AFRICAN VOICES Founded in 1992, African Voices Communications, Inc., is a non-profit organization
dedicated to fostering cultural understanding and awareness through literature and the arts. The magazine
has published more than 700 new creative voices in poetry, fiction and prose.  African Voices is one of only a
few institutions to successfully publish a literary magazine and provide innovative programming in arts and
education. The magazine reaches 6,500 readers and it is distributed by Ubiquity Distributors. African Voices’
subscription base includes colleges, high schools and libraries. The magazine is used
in the classroom by educators who want to expose students to contemporary literature.   To learn more,
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Brooklyn, NY. Since 2008, he has been producing videos online,
from recording musical performances to eventually working with
independent artists and other media entities.  Currently, Vixon has
been producing his own content on Youtube for his growing
audience, hoping to learn more about his craft and utilize it in his
continuing endeavors.