Billi writes, "I would really like to hear your thoughts and opinions about
RESTORED.  Please share with me. Read what other viewers have said
about the play.  Looking forward to hearing from you!!
Restored is a stage play about a
Christian family’s struggle to
overcome obstacles caused by the
enemy whose mission is to KILL,
STEAL and DESTROY every family.
The husband, Darryl, is having an
adulterous affair while working long
hours at the office. Tracee, his
devoted wife, believes in her
marriage as well as her God. Tracee
truly believes with all of her heart
that HE will restore her marriage
through prayer and steadfastness.
While Darryl is pushing forward on
divorcing his wife, little does he
knows God is working it out so that
he will return back to his family and
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Restored the Play was a delight to witness.  God bless
Sis Deborah Bracker and T. Billi Martin for the
collaboration.  The cast was excellent and the message
well received.  Thanks.
From Betty Sidibe

The play was great with a great message...restoration.  
Keep up the good work and stay faithful to the ministry.  
All the characters did very well.
From Ronald & Drea Capers

RESTORED was a wonderful play.  I thought it was very
inspirational.  I think you should take it on the road.
Enjoyed it!
From Yvette Rosado

I enjoyed the play.  It was very uplifting.
From Jeanne Leathers

RESTORED was beautiful.  My mom was a young bride.  I
wish she knew how to fight for her marriage.  Your play
brought out faith in God.  Love, people, but put faith in
From Elaina Lewis

The play was wonderful.  I hope that you come up with
many more.  The cast members did a great job.
From Senora Watkins

The production was absolutely fabulous.  It help me to
realize that I was still angry with my husband because of
the pain he caused in our marriage.  I am praying for
God to help me with that.  Thank you for bringing the
truth to light.
From Suzette Scarborough

I loved the message of the play. The cast was great! I
especially loved the chemistry between the characters.
Each one served up their character well and invited you
in to the story. Mydra Kelly as the wife was a great
choice. I felt her pain and struggle. Keep up the good
From Jennifer Ginn

I've known Billi for a long time, and knew that she was
very passionate about her work.  This was my first time
actually checking out her efforts.  I have to say that I did
not know what to expect.  When RESTORED was over, I
think I was one of the first to jump out of my seat to give
that standing ovation.  RESTORED was well written,
directed, and the cast members were great.  I
congratulate you all.  And very big kudos to you, Billi.  I
am very much looking forward to your next production.  
And I would love to see this one again.  Great, great,
great job!!!

In a time when corruptible behavior has been become
far too acceptable, RESTORED speaks to the conscious of
the just and unjust alike. The power and love of God
triumphs over all; that message is delivered brilliantly
through this production.
From Chet Awer
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